PEREGRINI #8: Road chapel in the Zona!

Going into unchartered territory. Old Soviet army base and a road chapel in a watch tower.

Leaving Nova Sol behind us we head for a big empty spot on the map (google maps). The sattelite photos show a huge empty area, the roads are not in the maps, but we can cleary see via sattelite that there are paths to follow. These lines form peculiar geometric shapes.

Straight on the fold (a meter or or less) I put the second road chapel.

The area is like something from Tarkovskij's "Zona".

A_pilgrimage%20003.jpg Untitled-1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20059.jpg A_pilgrimage%20064_0.jpg A_pilgrimage%20168.jpg A_pilgrimage%20228.jpg A_pilgrimage%20189.jpg A_pilgrimage%20196.jpg A_pilgrimage%20236.jpg A_pilgrimage%20259.jpg A_pilgrimage%20263.jpg A_pilgrimage%20267.jpg A_pilgrimage%20274.jpg