PEREGRINI #6: Heading towards Zbaszyn

Everything is moist, the rain has been falling through the night and the mosquitos had their feast.

 A quick breakfeast in Drezdenko - consisting of coffe, coffe, coffe and some waffles with cherries. Next stop are places such as Miedzyhod, Pszczew and finally the camping site at Zbazyn. When we arrive it is quite late and everyone is tired of camping. The hotel is full because of a birthday party and we take in at a hostel - that has a washing machine! DIrty and sweaty we actually fit there more rather then in a hotel.

Today we biked 90 km.

A_pilgrimage%20006.jpg A_pilgrimage%20012.jpg A_pilgrimage%20017_0.jpg A_pilgrimage%20025.jpg A_pilgrimage%20027.jpg A_pilgrimage%20030.jpg A_pilgrimage%20035.jpg A_pilgrimage%20040.jpg A_pilgrimage%20045.jpg A_pilgrimage%20049.jpg A_pilgrimage%20063.jpg A_pilgrimage%20064.jpg A_pilgrimage%20066.jpg A_pilgrimage%20093.jpg A_pilgrimage%20101.jpg