PEREGRINI #21: D-day (as in descent to lower levels of Inferno)

This should have been the last day. It may be the first day of many.

From Sunger in Gorski Kotar we have merely 45 km to the sea. We believe it is one long descent, a pleasant and rapid ride downhill. In fact we climb even further in the primeval forest of Gorski Kotar to the height of 1200 meters above sea level. Nature is wild and mesmerising - reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth. I leave the solar road chapel #7 here.

Finally we reach the "going-down-down-down". In 15 kilometers we descend to sea level (more than a kilometers elevation difference. We hit Klenovice after some final adventurous dirt roads.

The sea greets us with the dreaded "bora" - a vicious wind from the north that appears appr. 3 times a year (almost never in the summer). The wind is at hurricane level and we are not able to go any further along the cost line. Roads are shut, bridges are shut - ferry lines are temporarily down.

And we don't have any cash.

To sleep in a tent during hurricane is not to be recommended if you want to have your beauty sleep intact.

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