PEREGRINI #11: Gothic Czech Rural

Czech countryside is absolutely super gothic.

Long breakfast, bicycle repairs (my front bakes have been squeeking) and  general whish to fiddle around with iPads and laptops led us to leave Horni Maslov pretty late. And while at it - the rain started. It was haunting us the entire day and somewhere around Mostek it poured down like a troical monsun (minus the heat!). 

It is cold, cold, cold and impossible to believe that this is mid July. 

By 21 o'clock we arrive (like frozen popsicles) to Hradec Kralove. Here we find a nice hotel by the main square - and this is the ony image of people today.

A_pilgrimage%20016_2.jpg A_pilgrimage%20040_1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20048_1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20075.jpg A_pilgrimage%20077.jpg A_pilgrimage%20079.jpg A_pilgrimage%20085_1.jpg