PEREGRINI #7: Group therapy

From Zbazyn to Nowa Sol on the fifth day was a challenge for the group dynamics.

The day started with me having to sort ut Cesars clothes that he put to wash the evening before. The kid has a tremendous amount of garment and nothing was dry - I tried to ut it on different ways at the bicycles tó dry but Poland is moist. At the same time Trudo made the cast for the silicon mold so that I could make Saint Cristopher replicas in plaster for the mini-solar-chapels. Starting late became a matter of irritation. 

Butterflies, blueberries and yet so many more Polish villages that look the same. 

A small siesta in Kolsko and by the end of the day a real emotional burst-out in Nova Sol. We were lashing out at eachother about taking shortcuts and not waiting for the others, starting late and having many stops along the way.

We found a strange hotel in the middle of nowhere, had dinner and I just tried to make a cast of St Christopher - which ended up in me totally fucking up the bathroom and having to clean it for several hurs. I might not do any more attempts at this. I stick to building and will try to find little saints along the way.

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