PEREGRINI #14: On the bikes again.

We say goodbye to Guy and Lenka and we are off to Polna.

This part of The Czech Republic is called the Highlands - it is not exactly montaineous but consists of never-ending hills and valleys. The system is: a long climb (20 minutes) then some flatland and downhill (3 minutes) then another climb (shorter, 6-7 minutes), downhill (short), upphill (short), then a loooong downhill (superfast). And then it begins allover again.

A_pilgrimage%20004.jpg A_pilgrimage%20016_1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20022.jpg A_pilgrimage%20033.jpg A_pilgrimage%20042.jpg A_pilgrimage%20047_0.jpg A_pilgrimage%20068_0.jpg