PEREGRINI #10: the remaining capricorns

Crossing the border to Czech at 1059 meter above sea level!

Trudo left us for attending his daughter's birthday ( he will be back). Carla and Nicolas stayed behind in Jelenia Gora (they will catch up with a train in some days). And Theun had to go back to Holland (it was planned and it is a great loss for the group).

The 5 remaining knuckleheads left Jelenia Gora in the afternoon. We were just to make a few kilometers today (20) - because yesterday' trip was exhausting with all that mountain climbing in these beautiful parts of Poland.

We opted for a off-route passage to Czech and ended up doing real alpineering. 4 hours of endless climbing - never going down. The border was crossed and all of the "hotels" on the other side did not take cards (and we didn't have any cash). At that pont we had made 25 kilometers.

We went downhill to the nearest cash machine. 35 minutes later we had made 21 additional kilometers. We are now deep down in Czech.

A beautiful country - but the people are strange! 

A_pilgrimage%20003_0.jpg A_pilgrimage%20014.jpg A_pilgrimage%20032.jpg A_pilgrimage%20059_1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20072.jpg A_pilgrimage%20156.jpg A_pilgrimage%20175.jpg A_pilgrimage%20193.jpg A_pilgrimage%20197.jpg A_pilgrimage%20200.jpg A_pilgrimage%20218.jpg A_pilgrimage%20222.jpg