PEREGRINI #15: Spiritual landmarks

The fifth solar road chapel is finally in place outside Znojmo!

Chapels, roadside crosses, bells, towers... different vertical signature posts are skillfully placed as accents to the landscape. The cross combines the vertical and the horisontal but in itself it rises up as an exclamation mark that punctuates the horisontal tenderness of the rural landscape (needless to say it is not equally as powerful in the forest parts where it is competing with the trees). 

People seem to have a natural talent (not obtained in art schools) to make little alterations and add heightened meaning to a place. 

A_pilgrimage%20154.jpg A_pilgrimage%20174.jpg A_pilgrimage%20033_1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20042_1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20076.jpg A_pilgrimage%20104_1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20117.jpg A_pilgrimage%20121.jpg A_pilgrimage%20124_1.jpg A_pilgrimage%20130.jpg