Georgina picked us up and took us to Zegache in her car. We had a meeting with the Presidente (Presi as Geo calls him) and they were enthusiastic as allways. Immediately we went down to the site.

On one side of the road there are trees – there might be a need to take down one of them so that the solar panels would not be shaded.

We were not willing to do that at this point (although ”Presi” says that he will send some guys and they will just cut it) – not for only one chapel, for 2 maybe, but not for one.

We opted for the other side of the street.

oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20018.jpg oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20023.jpg oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20028.jpg oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20034.jpg oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20039.jpg oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20043.jpg oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20046.jpg oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20082.jpg oaxaca_day_3_decisions%20084.jpg