The fiesta of Corpus Christi was over but ”Điđi Anarhišta" went boom-boom-boom with his fireworks at 7 o'clock in the morning. He does it all religious events, stands outside the church, sends his rockets up in the sky and waits for them to go off with a blast.This is the ”Điđi's” own way of communicating with God.

Điđi along with the the municipal wake-up soundsystem with cumbias and the sheep keep sure that we don't sleep late. Now we were finally back at the construction site to put the first columns in, do some brick-laying – after which we went back to the workshop. Đani continued with the Christ-relief in Meštrovič's style.

The whole day I wore a t-shirt with slightly shorer sleaves and I really really messed up my arms (a stripe of pain 2 cm wide around the biceps).

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