This day was simply magic! It drew a lot of of its' enchanting power from the fact that we were ready one day before deadline/opening – the kind of energy that is generated by the fact that now you could see to details... or just relax and enjoy the fruits of your work.

It all went quite fast.

I had assembled the AV-system (screen, battery, eliminator) at the workshop the day before and let it run all through the night. Now it was time to install it in the chapel. We made some holes at the back of the chapel – for cables. The cross was made by Lau and covered the base with pigmented plaster that went so deep, deep bue that he needed to do that with cupola as well!

Presi had promised to send the police (!!) to cut the branches of the adjacent jacaranda-tree, but they never showed up. I went up the tree with the machete and starting cutting these branches – higher and higher up!

In the evening the chapel was ready. I paid it a last visit at 11 o'clock after buyng 4 litres of superb mezcal. My cousin had a problem with his hip (go figure after all this work) and he sat down to rest on the way there. Alone with the Patrona I heard a motorcycle closing in. Two young men, hard-looking fellows, slowed down in front of the chapel. The driver gave me a nod and the other guy a thumbs up – then they continued driving.

La Patrona was in place!

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