Wake-up call at 06.30 by the muncipal sound system. A speaker-set is right next to our appartment and they are playing mañanitas and cumbias really really loud. We think it is a joke, a misstake, but it continues until 07.30. Inbetween the songs a female voice is telling us to go to work: al campo! The sheep start singing as well. Needless to say; from now and one we are getting up real early!

Firist we go to dona Kata's place right next to the workshop to get some breakfast. Everyone is so concerned about my cousin having stomach issues – they're making really bland food not to provoke any difficulties for him and this is the only trip to Oaxaca that has been something of a gastronomical disappointment (thanks cous'!).

The following two days we are not going down to the construction site. There is work to do in the workshop.

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