The chapel was ready and fully fuctional!

I had had some problems with the eliminator (12 to 5 volts), so I decided to head for Oaxaca in the morning and buy a spare one in Steren (just in case!). Meanwhile my cousin and the usual squad from the taller cleaned around the chapel. As the priest from San Antonino could not come on Friday the chapel would not be blessed for the opening today. Monica and Armand added some golden stars to the cupola and Đani was particularly happy about the central star with five eends (satisfying the Leftist-Catholic spirit). The opening brought us people from Oaxaca (magazine and culture institutions), the municipal administration of Zegache, all the people from the taller as well as other pueblans from Zegache. For dinner we had a goat roasted in the ground (a local speciality) and the party continued until early hours!

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