Ever since Attila the Hun roamed Istria, St. Martin has been around here.

The village belongs to the municipality of Tinjan, famous for the delicious Istrian prosciutto. The patron saints of the municipality are Simon and Jude. The feast, Šimunja, is celebrated on October 29. Building a chapel for Simon and Jude was our first thought, but cousin Đani, who knows more about the local history and traditions than most people, brought to our attention that there used to be a church in Brečevići, devoted to Saint Martin de Tours.

In Brečevići there was a confraternity of Saint Martin, an association of laymen devoting their time to piety and social work. The church of St. Martin in Brečevići was probably burnt down by the forces of Napoleon, while they were roaming this part of Istria.

There is a story that an even older church in the same place was destroyed by Attila the Hun, but at that time there were no Brečevići here (that particular name came to Istria in the 15th or 16th century).

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