St. Martin shared half of his cloak with a naked beggar, who was sitting by the road, freezing. The coming night Martin dreamed of Jesus wearing the half of a cloak he had given away and Jesus was saying to the angels that here is Martin, an unbaptized Roman soldier; he has dressed me.

For this animation we worked with St. Martin, the beggar and the horse. The heads, hands and torsos were carved out in cedar wood, painted with egg tempera by the skilled artisans of Talleres Comunitarios de Zegache .The doll parts were brought to Sweden by Georgina Waldaña Wonchee during her visit to Europe as a part of our Euroaxaca-project (EITC – euroaxaca.org).

After returning from my trip as a visiting lecturer in Cuba, I started working with the joints, clay and putting the dolls together. Geska Helena Brečević prepared the necessary clothing for the puppets/dolls. And Patrik Qvist painted a cylindrical backdrop in acrylic for the animation setup.

Two days before going to Croatia, I spent an entire night stop-motioning the animation.

It mimicks the encounter of St Martin and the beggar, where the saint makes an approach to cut his cloak – the scene is spinning around the beggar and St. Martin – hence the cylindrical shape of the backdrop.

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