Reviving the cult of Saint Martin de Tours in the family village

Brečevići is a village of 12 families, around 100 inhabitants. situated in the centre of Istria, a luscious and mountanious peninsula in the north of the Adriatic sea (Mediterranean). And yes, the surname Brečević originates from here and nowhere else!

Our ever so crafty cousin Đani Brečević, stone-mason and autodidact artist, engaged everyone from the village – from kids, local businesses to the old folks. Recently converted to green transport principles, Đani rushed between the surrounding villages on a bicycle to find the material – only the best stone would do. Our other cousin, Dragan Brečević, donated the land for the chapel. 

Meanwhile Performing Pictures prepared the animation of St. Martin. With the help of Talleres Comunitarios de Zegache, Oaxaca, Mexico.

And so begins the story of the third solar-powered kinetic chapel.

Part 1 out of 6

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