The Rabbitbird (in collaboration with LaPiztola)

The Rabbitbird (2018) is a public work of art in the industrial area Hagalund, Solna on behalf of Solna Kommun (Solna Municipality). The work is a unique combination of monumental art and video made in collaboration with the Mexican street art collective Lapiztola.

Over 300 stencils were used when working with the 7-meter paintings. The motif of the two girls in animal masks comes from a previous video, a still image taken from its background and context. 

The video in the background evokes the illusion of depth on the flat wall, in a meticulous interplay between transparency and opacity. The bright light of the projection creates contrast so that the physical images on the wall can be erased and then reappear. With this even clothes can change colour, and new, moving characters can be added. The two girls are brought to life in something reminiscent of a vivid dream.