Movement no. 6: To Carry a Child

Movement no. 6: To Carry a Child (2009) is a part of a series, Transformaciones, of crafted devotional objects, or responsive video-shrines, for a contemporary practice in a timeless world.  Saints are radiant characters of pious actions who have left their marks in our imaginations as recurrent subjects of artistic depiction. All of them sentenced to stillness; in some cases the subject has been exposed through more than a thousand years of inert fixation!  Now is the time to set them free, one by one and motion by motion. This is a process where nouns are replaced with verbs, and mention is transformed to activity. In Movement no. 6: To Carry a Child (2009) we meet St. Christopher - he carries a little child over troubled waters, but unbeknownst to him, he is carrying both the weight of the world and its creator on his shoulders. St. Christopher holds patronage of things related to travel and travelers. Records of him are found in the Golden Legends, a remnant of folk narratology from the Middle Ages