Kukičana Priča

The participatory art project Kukičana Priča/A Crocheted Story was a part of the cultural project Visualize the Invisible. The project uses photographs to explore and ‘open up’ the social world, by positioning the participants as the prime authorities of their own images, and their images as the vehicle of engagement and communication. Kukičana Priča is a community workshop that combines crochet making, vernacular photographs and other expressions of craft, such as glass.

Performing Pictures developed a workshop model for the project conducted as an artistic practice. The workshop is based on an examination of mnemonic functions of photographs:  how the physical manifestation and handling of photos, the tactile dimension, could add a more physically embracing experience. The photographs presented by members of the group were found at the center of their social lives. They visually mirror their experiences and relationships. The collaborative effort grew into a large crocheted net embedding photographic glass plates with images that combine local history and personal memorabilia while creating an associative as well as literal/physical web of short stories.

The workshop model has since then been appropriated by therapists and social workers as a possible tool within the context of Psychiatric Hospital Rab in Croatia.   

The Kukičana Priča project has been carried out by Performing Pictures and made possible with the support of the EU Culture program and The Swedish Arts Council.

Special thanks to Tatiana Loborec.

Partner organisations in Visualize the Invisible: ArtAgent, Refraction Association, Media Artes, Performing Pictures.