KIRA – In the house where I live

What happens to the human community when the public turns private and what happens to an old house when not even a ghost wants to stay?  

KIRA – In the house where I live (2013) is an eerie modern fairytale about a new housing cooperative. A short opera for a tall woman and half a symphony orchestra, by and with performance artist Charlotte Engelkes. KIRA is a visually surprising and wayward performance drenched in dark humour, set in a video dollhouse scenography by Performing Pictures.

Music; Anders Nilsson

Text: Sophie Holgersson

Stage design, video installation, costume: Performing Pictures

World Premiere October 10, 2013.

“Urmusikalisk opera med komisk tajming” Expressen 13 oktober 2013 (In Swedish)  
“Charlotte Engelkes tar scenen i besittning med bravur” Tidningen Kulturen 13 oktober 2013 (In Swedish)  
“Befriande samtida” Dagens Nyheter 13 oktober 2013 (In Swedish)