Ad Nos Converte

Ad Nos Converte (2013) is an hour and a half long visual narrative in seven suites, created on commission by Swedish Radio (SR) especially for the concert “Hommage aux femmes dans la musique: Du romantique à l’électronique” held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on March 8, 2013.

The title means ‘turn towards us’ and depicts a woman standing with her back towards the viewer, in a panoramic landscape. In the end, she turns around and looks at the viewer.

The work references Salve Regina, one of four Marian antiphons, or hymns to Mary. The focal point of it is the plea to the gracious advocate Mary that she may turn her eyes of mercy towards us. The aim is to invoke a circular movement directed towards us.

The essence of motion is temporal, as such, elusive. This is not a picture.

In 2016 an additional suite shot at Hierva el Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico was added to the narrative.

Charlotte (2013), Årsta, Video projection
Geska (2013), Stinica, Video projection
Geska (2013), Stinica, Video projection
Sandra (2013), Lopar, Video projection
Shelly (2013), Brussels, Video projection
Sandra (2013), Lopar, Video projection
Geska (2013), Mišnjak, Video projection
Rosario, Hierva El Agua, Mexico (2016), Hierva El Agua, Video projection