Stoney images

A week long course in lithography in #litografiskaverkstadenitidaholm.

We are working our way back from the digital to the purely analogue. Developing our digitally processed and images, traced by hand on beautiful slabs of German limestone. Did you know that the best materials for this process so akin to photographic development techniques are mined in the Bavarian quarries halfway between Nürnberg and München? This sedimentary stone from the Jurassic period (imagine that!) is also known as Solnhofen Plattenkalk, or Solnhofen Limestone. Instead of photosensitive emulsions, developers and fixers, we are using different types of fat and solvents while thinking about Toulouse-Lautrec and absinth. Doing the grind is the most mediative activity conceivable.

These @performingpictures + @lapiztola images have gone a long way! Film —> photography —> posterized stencil & mural painting —> crayon drawing & lithography print

lito-1 lito-3 lito-6 lito-4 lito-7 lito-5 lito-2