NEWSLETTER 3 2012: new wine in old bottles

The third of our kinetic chapels, built last autumn in Robert's family village of Brečevići, was dedicated to St Martin of Tours. In a sense, though, every chapel that was ever built owes a debt to this particular saint. For the word 'chapel' comes from the Latin cappella, or 'little cape', and referred in the first instance to the sanctuary built to house the relic of St Martin's cloak.

Like many of the stories of the saints with which Performing Pictures has worked in recent years, the story of St Martin has no shortage of paradoxes and ironies. He is the patron saint of soldiers, yet he himself became a conscientious objector on account of his faith. Accused of cowardice, he volunteered to walk into battle unarmed in front of the troops. Today, the feast of Martinmas on 11 November coincides with the commemoration of the Armistice which ended the bloodbath of the First World War.

Performing Pictures Newsletter 3 2012