Ugglan 1


In connection to the official launch of the Interactive Institute's Art & Technology Program, a party for friends and collaborator's were held at underground club Ugglan.

Among boule and table tennis playing, videoinstallations, good music, dance, and lots of drinks, we installed a quick-and-dirty implementation of the Mirrorbox, which we built in a couple of hours. The Mirrorbox allows you to reflect yourself in words and images. While seeing yourself you can write your comments and reflections on the image. The Mirrorbox is an installation for self-reflection and responsible scribbling; a sociable tool and a participatory party-trick. What people leave is a piece of film that captures users' creative scribbles on their own reflection. The film sequences become an on-site-documentation of a context where people are part of creating an atmosphere, a unique mood. The visitor leaves a piece of visual evidence about him/herself as well as the site and its specific features. The MirrorBox offers a free zone for creative scribblings. Visitors can use the mirror - which in fact is a scribbling board - to erase or build upon the previous work.

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