The Mirrorbox

The Mirrorbox is an installation for self-reflection and responsible scribbling; a sociable tool and a participatory party-trick on display at the Participatory Academy, Växjö.

What people leave is a piece of film that captures users' creative scribbles on their own reflection. The film sequences become an on-site-documentation of a context where people are part of creating an atmosphere, a unique mood. The visitor leaves a piece of visual evidence about him/herself as well as the site and its specific features. The MirrorBox offers a free zone for creative scribblings. Visitors can use the mirror - which in fact is a scribbling board - to erase or build upon the previous work. MirrorBox explores the relationship between the ego (reflection) and what’s written down (intention). The result is a series of short films, created by the visitors themselves. As sound recordings are not part of the construction, the visual creates what the visitor wishes to say - or not to reveal about oneself for that matter.... Alongside with the Mirrorbox, Men That Fall and Woman That Turn were displayed.

mirrobox6 mirrobox1 mirrobox4 mirrobox2 mirrobox5 mirrobox7