The Mirrorbox at Awesome Rags

In the end of August 2006, more than 900 people took part in the grand opening of PUB in Stockholm and the new concept fashion department Awesome Rags!. In an art exhibition about the six senses, Performing Pictures were hired by fashion magazine RODEO to make a participatory video installation. The result was The Mirror Box – a travelling container for and of self-reflection and responsible scribbling. The installation allows for the visitor to leave his or her imprints and personal interpretation of fashion in 20 seconds video clips.

What people leave is a piece of film that captures users' creative scribbles on their own reflection. The film sequences become an on-site-documentation of a context where people are part of creating an atmosphere, a unique mood. The visitor leaves a piece of visual evidence about him/herself as well as the site and its specific features. The MirrorBox offers a free zone for creative scribblings. Visitors can use the mirror - which in fact is a scribbling board - to erase or build upon the previous work. The MirrorBox explores the relationship between the ego (reflection) and what’s written down (intention). The result is a series of short films, created by the visitors themselves. As sound recordings are not part of the construction, the visual creates what the visitor wishes to say - or not to reveal about oneself for that matter....

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