Ta Plats! on tour 2011-2012

Offspring Taking Off is on tour with the travelling exhibition TA PLATS. Next stop: Stockholms Länsmuseum!

Take Your Place! (Ta plats!) wishes to make contemporary art accessible to all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, and functional capacity. 

Art is a meeting point which overrides age, gender, ethnic background and functional capacity. This exhibition presents contemporary art with various forms of expression encouraging activity and movement. Art appealing to several of our senses. Art which is audible, visible and tactile.

The exhibition consists of five works by Jacob Dahlgren, Felix Gmelin, Performing Pictures, Lisa Jeannin och Rolf Shuurmann and Lisa Torell, chosen because they call for interaction and because they get through to people regardless of functional capacity and background.The project is funded by Konstfrämjandet - a national non-for profit art education association. Performing Pictures contribution to the exhibition, which shows works by 5 artists/artist groups is "Offspring Taking Off " (Ungar som lyfter). The work takes its starting point in Performing Pictures 2006-08 work "Kids On The Slide".

Now the kids are growing up and are soon ready to take off! A new set of members of the "Family of Performing Pictures" depicts our offspring, the ones we put our hope in, taking off.

The only way is up, as Otis Clay used to sing.

Stops on the tour are:Karlskrona Konsthall v. 43 - 39, 2011Stockholms läns museum v. 42 - 3, 2011/12Ludvika konsthall v. 6 - 13, 2012 Sandviken v. 15 - 24, 2012Kulturens hus i Luleå v. 34 - 41, 2012Stockholms Länsmuseum 15th October – 15th January

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