Los hombres que se caen

During March 2016 Performing Pictures have 6 big "salas" at disposal for making a complete retrospective of the last years work with the more then 10-year old cycle of "Men that fall".

"Los hombres que se caen" is the name of the latest exhibition by Geska Brečević and Robert Brečević in Oaxaca, Mexico. For the second time we are invited to do a exhibition in the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo - and this time we bring forward a large variation of the recurrent theme and long-running cycle of "Men that fall".

The exhibition features 9 "fotoesculturas" - exclusively produced for this exhibition in collaboration with the Taleres Comunitarios de Zegache. The sculptures are accompanied by 3 interactive video installations, a film cycle called "Falling - with variations", a glass curtain piece as well as a large number of photographs.

We also bring you the latest addition in the collection of "Men That Fall"- fotoescultura: the renowned oaxaqueño artist, activist and benefactor maestro Francisco Toledo.


DSC_8911_2.jpg DSC_8615_2.jpg DSC_8622_2.jpg DSC_8705_2.jpg DSC_8625_2.jpg DSC_8672_2.jpg DSC_8698_2.jpg DSC_8685_2.jpg DSC_8627_2.jpg DSC_8635_2.jpg DSC_8640_2.jpg DSC_8647_2.jpg DSC_8656_2.jpg DSC_8612_3.jpg DSC_8883_2.jpg DSC_8901_3.jpg DSC_8932_2.jpg